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7 Ways to Support Without Becoming a Foster Parent

#1 – Become a CASA Volunteer!

For many children, a CASA volunteer is one of the only stable people in a child’s life. People from all walks of life can apply to become a volunteer and directly help change a child’s story! Our volunteers act as a voice for the neglected and abused children we serve. Children deserve people in their corner who want the best for them! Our volunteers complete over 30 hours of initial training, covering topics including domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health.

#2 – Attend Community Fundraisers

Attending or participating in your local community fundraisers is another fun, hands-on way to give back to and support your local foster care programs. CASA hosts many exciting fundraising events per year, and they are always a blast! During the last year alone, we have put on a Haunted House benefit, our New Year's Eve Gala, and our annual CASA Superhero Run!

#3 – Donate Clothes

Donating clothes that no longer fit your family members is a direct and easy way to support – It’s also convenient and eco-friendly! Many organizations have drop-off donation bins at locations like grocery stores, convenience stores, and public parks. Clothing of all sizes and types is appreciated! If you have trouble finding a donation bin near you, just contact your local foster care organization for further instructions.

#4 – Surrender Old Toys

Surrendering unused or outgrown toys is another direct and easy way to give back. Toys not only provide entertainment and promote creativity within children, but they also provide comfort in difficult times. Instead of dropping off these items to Goodwill or other thrift stores, think about donating them to your local foster care programs – where you won’t wonder if they will be loved and appreciated!

#5 – School Supplies

CASA serves children from birth through age 21, which means many of our children are school-aged and need supplies! Paper, pens, and other materials are necessary for a successful education. Donating notebooks, pencils, crayons, highlighters, and more is a great way to show your love and support for our children.

#6 – Donate to Local Organizations

Children in the foster care system must have their academic, nutritional, social, and mental needs met. This may include new clothing, school supplies, hygiene items, and more. As CASA of North Mississippi is a nonprofit, we rely heavily on fundraising, grants, and donations from our community to help our organization run and meet the needs of our children. Donations to foster care organizations of any amount are graciously appreciated, and no donation goes unnoticed!

#7 – Raise Funds

Raising your own funds on behalf of your local organization is a great way to give back! In June of 2022, CASA of North Mississippi held “Stand Up for CASA,” a fundraiser where families organize their own lemonade stands and donate the profits to our organization. This was an exciting way for children and parents alike to get involved and have a little bit of fun!

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