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The Go-To Playbook on Thankfulness

Life can be a whirlwind sometimes—rushing from one thing to the next, it's way too easy to forget to hit pause and soak in the good stuff that's all around us. But here's the thing: when we make a habit out of feeling grateful, it's like giving our whole world a high-five. Thankfulness? It's way more than just saying "cheers;" it's a superpower that shapes how we live and vibe with everything and everyone.

Turns out, scientists have been digging into this gratitude thing and, guess what? All those "thank you's" are like a health elixir for your mind, body, and soul. People who make gratitude their jam tend to be walking around with extra sparkle—more smiles, a bounce of hope, and a heart full of satisfaction. When we switch our focus to all the awesomeness we've got going on, the not-so-great stuff fades to the backseat, and suddenly, life looks pretty fantastic.

Giving a shout-out of appreciation to the people who sprinkle some magic in our days does a whole lot more than we think. It tightens our friend and family bonds and makes everyone feel like they're part of something special. Plus, it turns out kindness is contagious—that warm fuzziness you get from being thankful can help us all get along a little better.

Okay, so how do you sprinkle more "thank you's" into your daily grind? Here's my go-to playbook:

1. Say It Like You Mean It: Drop a note, flash a big grin, or have a real-deal heart-to-heart. Letting folks know that they rock doesn't just make their day—it strengthens your crew, too.

2. Live in the Now: Press pause with some mindfulness moves, like chilling out with some deep breaths or getting your zen on with meditation. It's all about catching the wonder of this very second.

3. Good Vibes Only: Help out just because you can. Doing little things for others without expecting a high-five in return is a reminder that there's plenty of good to go around.

4. Spot the Silver Lining: Tough times? Flip the script and find what's actually going right. There's always a win hiding somewhere—like growing stronger, that lightbulb moment, or just having your squad by your side.

Mixing in more gratitude makes everything more technicolor, like turning up the dial on life's awesomeness. Sure, sometimes it's a stretch, especially when the going gets tough. But that's when doubling down on thankfulness can really turn things around, giving us the muscle to get through and remember that life's a pretty sweet gig.

So let's all jump on the thankfulness train. It's about spotting the magic in the small stuff, giving ourselves some props, and building a web of tight-knit friendships. With a bit of practice, we can all enjoy life a little more. So, what do you say? Let's fling open the doors to our hearts and let the power of gratitude do its thing, painting our lives with strokes of appreciation, love, and truckloads of joy.

By: Thomas M.


Harvard Health Publishing. (2021, August 14). Giving thanks can make you happier. Harvard Health.

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