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9 Summertime Activities for Family Fun

1.) Attend Community Events

Check the newspaper, browse online, or search for flyers around town to stay updated on your community’s local events. Many communities host events such as fairs, music concerts, farmers’ markets, and more! Not only are most of these events free or low of charge but attending them is a great way to support your community, meet new people, and have a great time as a family!

2.) Have a Movie Marathon

A family movie night is a great way to share quality time with your family; Movie marathons are exciting for children and adults alike! There are so many genres and movies to choose from: silly comedies, exciting adventures, familiar favorites, never-before-seen movies, and more! Get with your family and decide what everyone’s top picks are. Then, just grab your popcorn and enjoy!

3.) Family Game Night

Family game nights are a perfect way to have fun together as a family and make some new memories – you may even get to see who showcases their competitive side! Pick a well-known board game like Monopoly, or if you want to get creative, design your own! If you don’t have any board games, you can grab a deck of cards for endless possibilities.

4.) Have a Picnic

Make some of your favorite tasty sandwiches, grab some chips and fruit, and head to your backyard, local park, or another scenic spot! All you need is a few delicious treats, a large comfortable blanket to sit on, and someone to share the day with.

5.) Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-dying is an exciting and inexpensive way to allow your family to showcase their creative side! If you have never tie-dyed before, there are easy-to-follow guides online. All you need is cotton t-shirts, disposable gloves, rubber bands, dye, and your creativity– Your family will have a blast wearing their creations for the remainder of the summer!

6.) Visit Your Local Public Library

Take a family trip to your local library and check out a book! Whether your child is looking for a mystery book for a thrill or an educational non-fiction book to learn something new, libraries have it all! In addition to books, many public libraries offer media like movies, music, audiobooks, and computer stations for your consumption.

7.) Explore Your City as a Family

Grab your favorite baseball cap, a water bottle, and your family, and head to the heart of your city! You can hit known hotspots, like a family-favorite playground or splash pad, or discover a new spot. Go on a scenic hike, try out a new restaurant for lunch, or visit a historical site; the possibilities are endless! End the day by watching the sunset and grabbing a fun treat before heading home.

8.) Create a Scavenger Hunt

Sending your family on an outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to have some family fun while building your child’s problem-solving skills! Create your scavenger hunt by listing well-known items in your neighborhood or hiding your own items for your family to seek out. For example, if you want to send your family on a nature scavenger hunt, add items such as a butterfly, a yellow flower, or a singing bird! This is not only an easy way to entertain your children, but they will feel accomplished as they check every item off of their list!

9.) Get Creative

Art is another awesome activity with endless possibilities. Whether inside or outside, letting your family express their creative side is always a good time! One artistic and easy way to let your children make art is to create murals with sidewalk chalk. Make a hopscotch board, create “roads” for their toys to travel down, or just let them doodle!

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