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An Addicts Fate

There arose a man who inflicted pain two times fold,

In pursuit of a chimerical gold.

He justified the extirpation of his past,

With the heavy faith of a euphoria that lasts.

Still, his vitality lived but eventually succumbed,

To the fast grip of Father Time’s thumb.

Yet, the man’s persistence knew no rest;

Its hunger grew infinite on this harebrained quest.

Until his enervate body encountered a tree,

Completely barren for all the world to see.

Seeing beyond this fictitious guise,

The tree’s withered face began to rise.

Till it dared to ask a question so bold,

What story has your life truly told?

Written by: Dreamer*, 19-year-old foster youth

*We have changed the name of this youth to protect his identity. Dreamer has given us permission to publish his writings.

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